How do we treat Acne Scar?

What would you suggest for acne scars like this?

acne scar treatment at Elite Medical Aesthetics, RocklinThe patient has gone through microneedling but no remarkable improvement she had so she asked what other options for acne scar treatments she could have:

A through evaluation is extremely important to find out how deep the scars are and also your skin collagen in healthy area and in scarred area. Your healing potential is another factor which is very important. Do you develop hypo or hyperpigmentation? These are some of the factors I would consider for acne scar treatment.

Once evaluation is completed, there are different modalities available. I would put my efforts to regenerate healthy skin in the scarred area. There are treatments such as medical grade chemical peels, Platelet Rich Plasma + Microneedling, fillers including bellafill and belotero, Fraxel Laser, and so on. There are quite a few!

Microneedling is one of the most effective acne scar treatments. But in this case, it seems, your potential for healing is not that optimal. Microneedling stimulates the skin cells to build new skin and collagen, so regenerate new tissue.
My role is to customize a treatment protocol for you and your scars. Therefore instead of going through everyone of those procedures, once your evaluation is done then a treatment plan is offered to you. Specifically, for YOU!

As a general rule, I would try to avoid aggressive modalities such as CO2 laser, abrasive chemical peels because most the time, people with acne scars they do not have good healing potential and those aggressive treatment may potentially make it worse.

We have now variety of procedures in cosmetic medicine which help to successfully treat acne scars.

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