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There are several non-invasive options for excess fat removal, including:

Low level laser therapy: It is a FDA Approved procedure. Low level laser therapy emits cold laser energy into body tissues that are absorbed by fat cells, which are broken down and absorbed into the body.

Fat Freezing, Cryolipolysis:

Cryolipolysis is a nonsurgical technique for localized fat reduction. With the increased risk of complications from more invasive methods such as liposuction, cryolipolysis presents a promising method for nonsurgical body contouring. This study presents a systematic review of the available clinical data, with an emphasis on the efficacy, methods, safety, and complications of cryolipolysis. This procedure appears to be safe in the short term, with a limited side effect profile, and results in significant fat reduction when used for localized adiposities. (research proven method: Plast Reconstr Surg. 2015 Jun; 135(6): 1581–1590.)

Unlike liposuction the Fat Freezing procedure does not involve any surgery, cutting or anesthetic. Cryolipolysis does not need any recovery time, so you can return to your normal activity straight away. It is a lot cheaper then Liposuction and does NOT carry the risk associated with surgery & anesthetic, infection or bleeding.

These treatments are essentially painless and are appropriate for excess fat removal and body contouring with proper patient expectations.

Patients with unrealistic expectations regarding the outcome of the procedure are not good candidates for non-invasive treatments. Likewise, people who regard non-invasive removal of excess fat as a substitute for proper diet and exercise also are not good candidates. Patients with pacemakers, defibrillators or aneurysms are not candidates for radiofrequency treatment.

The procedure may cause redness in treated area and bruising

Non-invasive procedures to remove excess fat involve minimal recovery time; patients can resume their normal activities the same day. Non-invasive therapies typically require multiple treatment sessions. Patients will observe a visible decrease in fat bulges in two to four months.

“Non-Invasive Body Contouring Procedures Actually Work”

It is important to understand that the non-surgical fate reduction procedures are not comparable with surgical procedures.

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