How COVID has affected us?

Over the last 18 months, Covid has caused more harm than any other pandemics over the recent centuries. Covid has affected the whole world. We have lost so many people, family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors and millions of people in every continent and area of the world. Covid has affected the economy, our lifestyle.

COVID has changed medical practice:

There have been major changes in the healthcare and other industries too which considered positive. Vast adoption of telemedicine was one major development happened during 2020. Shopping online became vastly popular. Working remotely and moving away from large cities attracted some too. Many others found a time to migrate to the areas they had desired for a while but became reality.

COVID is not eradicated yet:

The Covid undeniably has affected every one of us. After 18 months of going through ups and downs, now we are still struggling with different variants and surges again. Meanwhile there is not a consensus how to deal with this disastrous pandemic. Still debates are ongoing about how to prevent this virus from further harm and transmission from one to another. People are losing hope  that his virus ever can be eradicated and we can live freely without worry about it. It is becoming a dream to have the family and friends gatherings again back and meet in coffee shops and having conversation with strangers.

COVID affected lifestyle:

While our lifestyle has changed, and it has been going on for a long while then it is affecting our mental health too. Although most may not see the changes in themselves, but I believe everyone has been affected. In some it may be more drastic, obvious and severe and in some, it is subtle, but based on my observation, everyone is being affected by this Covid Era. Lets look at ourselves, and surely we see we now think differently than a couple of years ago, about our work, daily activities, family, friends, hobbies,…

The longer this pandemic and this condition continue the more changes we would see. It is necessary to find methods to to prevent further harms and before it becomes irreversible.


As a physician, I’d like to emphasize on tackling the current challenges and how to assess the methods which can prevent further harm on us. Finding individuals who have been affected may not be as productive because this is a pandemic mental health disorder. We call is Covid Mental Health Disorder (CMHD ) and also POST COVID STRESS DISORDER (PCSD) .  It is not an issue for individuals. It is a problem for whole community, everywhere in the world. The spectrum of symptoms may vary. There are some already known and determined as stressed out, anxiety disorder, depression but because of the nature and specifics of the symptoms we require to have more specific name for them. This would help professionals to understand it better, categorize and treat them appropriately.

Let’s start the initiative in our own community, connect with others and expand that to whole world. Lets work together and prevent this pandemic harm us further.


Dr Ray

Covid Mental Health Disorder (CMHD) Initiative

POST COVID STRESS Disorder (PCSD) Initiative