How to Get Rid of Love Handles?

Eliminate Fat and bulges in flank area for men is a major concern. Despite doing regular exercise and proper dieting still those excess fat may not go away. Liposuction is the choice…

The flank area in men is also called love handles. Current trend, most men and women want to have the excess fat in flank area removed. There are different methods may help to reduce the fat in flank area. Despite regular exercise program, good diet including organic and low in fat and carbohydrate, the stubborn fat may not go away.

When all do not get you anywhere then it is time to consult with an expert in the field of medical aesthetics. There are non-surgical methods available such as coolsculpting (freezes fat tissue or cryolipo), Lipolaser and RF available. It is important to have good understanding before going through these treatments. These procedures are non-invasive and can be costly. And more importantly you may not see definitive results even after few months.

Liposuction is considered as minimally invasive procedure to eliminate excess fat in love handles, the flanks. In the past some physicians were performing this procedure under general anesthesia but nowadays this procedure done under local anesthesia. It makes the procedure safer and less costly. The downtime also significantly reduced too. Patients overall may be up and doing regular activity on the next day after procedure. At Elite Medical Aesthetics, we have options of liposuction, Smart laser liposuction, Ultrasound assisted liposuction and Tumescent liposuction. Click here to read more about liposuction techniques.

I always recommend, as part of management to start, regular exercise and healthy diet as we plan for a liposuction.  This would improve the results even further.

Liposuction can effectively eliminate the stubborn fat in one day. Ask for a complimentary consultation and find out more about liposuction under local anesthesia.

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