Liposuction or Kybella?

A question was asked: “My double chin is bothering me. What is the best treatment, Kybella or Liposuction?

Double chin ( excess fat under the chin) is a common concern in the community. It is not limited to certain age or body habitus. Dr Ray has seen patients in mid 20s up to 80 years old coming for evaluation and expressing their dissatisfaction with their chin appearance.

In fact, the data shows in 2016, excess fat is the top concern and treatment among cosmetic procedures. Data combines American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and Plastic Surgery.

There are different methods are available for treating excess fat and double chin. The most effective are Kybella and Liposuction.

Kybella is a product made by Allergan. It is injected in the chin area. For selected patients it would work. It, on average, should be injected 3 times within 3-6 months to see the results. The Kybella cumulative costs have made the patients to avoid the 2nd or 3rd treatment therefore the results may not become optimal. In addition, some patients find it troublesome going through few months of swelling and lack of full response. One major issue with Kybella is the limitations in injecting ONLY under the chin. Most people have excess fat beyond the chin and want to have their jawline also be treated. But Kybella is not approved for Jawline.


Liposuction has been around for decades though over time the techniques have advanced quite significantly. In the past Liposuction was performed under general anesthesia and in a hospital setting. Nowadays more physicians perform liposuction in the office setting using local anesthesia.

Smart Lipo (Laser), Ultrasound (Vaser) and Tumescent Liposuction (Awake Liposuction) are the 3 most common procedures. The first two methods rely on technology but the Tumescent Liposuction uses microcannula and no laser or ultrasound used.

Overall, Liposuction would offer a faster recovery period and results (within few days). It is one-time procedure. If physician is competent then the results tend to be more optimal in comparison with other procedures.

From cost point of view, liposuction was considered similar or less expensive in comparison with whole course of Kybella treatment.

To summarize the differences:

  1. The number of treatments differ between the two treatments. Kybella may require 3 treatments (on average) or more, while liposuction requires only one treatment.
  2. Anesthesia: liposuction requires local anesthesia, IV sedation or tumescent anesthesia, on the other hand, Kybella may apply icepacks or topical anesthesia.
  3. The recovery period and down time for liposuction is expected to be few days (2-7 days) but Kybella take from four weeks to several months.
  4. The results are almost visible immediately or the next day for liposuction but for Kybella several weeks to months.
  5. The cost for Kybella depends on the number of treatments needed. Liposuction costs are usually fixed, and there are no expendables.

Dr. Ray believes the initial consultation is the best time to understand the goals and expectations of each patient. Familiarity with different techniques and availability of both at Elite Medical Aesthetics, help Dr Ray to make the best determination of what procedure works for the patient. Dr ray discusses pros and cons of each method and then with a full understanding of the procedures, the patient can choose the most suitable method and to achieve the goals.

Tumescent Liposuction, Elite Medical Aesthetics Rocklin

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