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Microneedling in Rocklin and Roseville area

What is Microneedling?

To improve Skin Collagen, we would stimulate your skin cells to produce more collagen and elastin through microneedling. Tiny needles go into your skin around 1-2 mm and that your skin cells start to become more active as they were during earlier in life..

Dr Ray recommends to schedule a consultation for determining what treatment is the best option for you. At Elite Medical Aesthetics, Rocklin, our treatments are goal oriented. Dr Ray would want to make sure you achieve your goals for any aesthetic treatment including microneedling.

Expect the Best Natural Results


Rejuvenate skin, increase collagen and tighten skin

Options: Combining with growth factors, PRP (platelet rich plasma)

1-2 days pinkish skin discoloration

COST $300 and up

PRP Microneedling, immeidately after

*Individual results may vary.

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Microneedling for Skin Rejuvenation


At Elite Medical Aesthetics, we have most sophisticated Microneedling device with most efficient technology to achieve the best results. MesoPen Microneedling, a highly advanced anti-aging and skin rejuvenation therapy system through Collagen Induction Therapy method.

Dr Ray Performs microneedling at Elite Medical Specialty clinic ROcklin

This device has 11 fine needles with adjustable length allows physician to appropriately modify the size of needle in different area of face.

How is Microneedling Procedure performed?

Dr. Ray performs the procedure. 20 minutes prior to the procedure patient would have a numbing cream (BLT), a combination of 3 different anesthetic agents, so it effectively giving the benefit of a almost painless procedure.

MesoPen Microneedling helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve scars and pores.* The MesoPen Microneedling’s multiple, vibrating needles pierce the skin several hundred times per minute to enhance rejuvenation results in a manner that is far safer than other methods and because the MesoPen Microneedling is fully adjustable, it is easier to treat delicate areas around the nose and eyes. The treatment can be combined with platelet rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate collagen production and speed healing.


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