Lunch Time Non-Surgical Facelift

Thread lift is a non-invasive, safe alternative to traditional facelift surgery. Thread lift can reduce sagging around the cheeks, jawline, and neck. I use threads for skin laxity and sagging in arms, abdomen, and above the knees too.

There are different types of threads available: PDO and PLLA. The threads are made for different procedures too. Some are smooth which stimulate skin collagen production, and some have cog and barbs. The later are used for lift. Theses threads are FDA cleared for use.

The threads are absorbable over few weeks- few months.  They produce noticeable results immediately and over time by increasing collagen, the results become more pronounced.

There are advantages of thread lift over surgical facelift. The threads improve your natural look, with minimal risks, using local or topical anesthesia, lower costs and no knife! All cosmetic procedures are time limitation, for surgical facelift typically is between 2- 5 years and for threads last 1-2 years. It has also minimal downtime, so we call it lunch time facelift!

Who can benefit out of thread lift? Anyone who is experiencing early signs of aging can benefit from thread lift. Some in their mid-30s or later in their lives may potentially need some improvement.

  • Redefines your facial features
  • No incisions, Minimal down time
  • 100% absorbable threads
  • Local anesthetics

lunch time facelift - thread-facelift- Elite Medical Aesthetics Rocklin

It is typically performed within 60-90 minutes, so we call it a lunch time facelift. In some cases, there might be some bruises otherwise no downtime. Starting with a consultation, review the goals and establish plans. Cleanse and prepare the area. Using topical or injecting local anesthesia (lidocaine) to make it a painless procedure. Then the threads inserted under skin by using hollow needles. The needle will be taken out after insertion. The threads for facelift have cogs or barbs which would tighten up, hold up well in the tissue and create the lift.

Almost immediately, treated areas will be raised slightly, eliminating sagging and giving patients a rejuvenated appearance. patients remain fully awake. Learn more:

We planned a Thread Lift Day on October 10th 2018 for Q&A. see more info: