Permanent procedure or temporary Lip Augmentation?

A question was asked: “Is there any permanent procedure to increase the size of my lips without the use of fillers?”, 25 years old female.

YES, there are different permanent procedures to enhance lips permanently. But what are the pros and cons of permanent procedures for lip augmentations?

As we grow up and age, our body changes. If you look at your photos from some years ago, you would see how your lips loses volume and shape. This would apply when you are 25, 45 or 65, your lips are changing over time.

There are surgical options such as lip implants available. Considering the rule of nature and changes which occur over time but the implant doesn’t change. After 4-7 years the lips start to show some problems. In some cases minor but some others may be major which drive you to seek further interventions. A repeat surgery or corrections by fillers may be required.

Lip Filler Injection Elite Medical Aesthetics Rocklin California

After a permanent procedure, it becomes more than an option. It becomes an obligation to correct the disfiguration as happened over time after a permanent procedure.  In this case, 25 years old, if she goes through lip implant then the same problems may arise after few years. Now she has the choice to give up fillers altogether and still look normal without any disfiguration. But the implant would change everything. Then she may end up going through repeated surgery or frequent filler injections just to correct disfigurations.

Fat Grafting: Fat grafting is another one but it is still in infancy period for lip augmentation. We need to improve the techniques so that expect 90% success in injected fat stays there for 5-10 years.

We have variety of fillers. Bellafill is a longer lasting filler, expected 5 years or even permanent. Other semi-permanent fillers some lasts 6 months or so and some may last longer, Voluma, Restylane Lyft.  Bellafil as a longer lasting filler. But I would not recommend that for the same rational as explained about lip implant. These have own advantages and disadvantages. As a rule, lips don’t hold up fillers long because of the movements and sometime we may choose Voluma but in some thin lips it may not look as smooth as expected. It is not just a filler injection for lip Augmentation. It is a sense of art which make it beautiful lips for you. That is the goal and at this time this si the best we can offer.


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