Rejuvenate your skin with your own blood!

Did you know that around your mid-twenties, skin cells decrease their collagen production? This causes your skin to gradually become thinner, leading to more wrinkles and lines.

If this is something you are experiencing and you are looking to rejuvenate your skin, Dr. Ray performs a new method of skin rejuvenation called PRF here at Elite Medical Clinic. This method consists of your own blood being injected under your skin, which then stimulates the skin cells, allowing them to build more collagen and elastin. By doing this, your skins overall strength and integrity are improved in a safe way.

PRF-or “Platelet Rich Fibrin” is the product of your own blood. When your skin is injured, a blood clot forms which allows the skin to start repairing itself. When a blood clot is being formed, platelets bind to the fibrin, then activating and releasing growth factors. The wound starts healing by creating new skin cells, collagen and skin vessels. This may sound similar to another common method, PRP- or “Platelet Rich Plasma.” This method has been utilized in sports medicine and orthopedics for over two decades. It has also been used to rejuvenate the skin in addition to assisting hair restoration. However there is a difference between the two!

Recent research shows that the fibrin does a better job improving skin health overtime. It is continuously releasing the growth factors meaning it potentially has better long term benefits.  Since your own blood contains Platelet Rich Fibrin, injecting it under your skin allows your cells to build more proteins and increase the collagen and elastin production without anything foreign being injected into your skin. Overall this skin rejuvenation brings your skin back to its twenties!

How do you get started? Come in for a consultation with Dr. Ray, where he will listen to your concerns and goals. Dr. Ray will evaluate your skin and help you determine if PRF is a beneficial option for you.