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Best Method of Body Contouring – Sacramento Area

Shaping your body by Reducing fat and tightening your skin, by safe methods without risk of invasive surgery and the use of a scalpel.
Body contouring is more often a non-invasive cosmetic procedure aimed primarily at improving the shape of the body. Most people prefer non-surgical treatments for Body contouring to reduce your excess skin, improve skin laxity while also eliminating the pockets of fat resistant to diet and exercise.
The examples for absolutely non-invasive body contouring include Vanquish Me, by Radioferequency, Coolsculpting (which freeze fat tissue or called cryptanalysis), VaserShape ( Ultrasound based method)  offered at Elite Medical Aesthetics of Rocklin

At Elite Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Ray offers Liposuction, Vasershape, and other body contouring treatments. Schedule a consultation with Dr Ray.

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Vanquish Me, UltraShape® Vaser Shape and Liposonix® which use ultrasound energy, BodyFX and many more. There are a variety of treatment options available for non-surgical body contouring and fat reduction which use a range of technologies. All these procedures are designed to destroy fat cells which lie just beneath the skin, tightening skin without harming the surface of the skin.

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