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Wanting a Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation By Fat Transfer?

Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer would lift up breasts without the risk of surgery!

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What is non-surgical Breast Augmentation?

Want to have Breast Augmentation but don’t want breast implant and surgery then we have great news! Dr Ray at Elite Medical Aesthetics, Rocklin, offers Breast Enhancement by Non-Surgical Fat Transfer technique.

For Breast Augmentation, fat tissue is obtained from other areas, such as abdomen, flanks and back. Through advanced technique Dr Ray harvest and prepare the fat tissue and that he re-injects your own fat tissue into your breasts for Breast Lift.

Have Natural Look Breast Lift by fat transfer!

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Dr. Ray is providing Breast Augmentation in Rocklin, Roseville, and Greater Sacramento area. At Elite Medical Aesthetics, Rocklin, our procedures are goal-oriented. Dr. Ray would want to make sure you achieve your goals for any aesthetic treatment including Breast Augmentation.

Non-surgical Breast Augmentation is a preferred method to shape and lift up the breasts.

Dr. Ray performed liposuction under local anesthesia while she was awake.  Only 4 small tiny holes less than half a centimeter each which heals within days. The fat is suctioned and would go through a specialized canister, washed and concentrated and ready for injection. Only 2 mm tiny holes needed for injection the fat into the breasts. The breast enhancement will look natural and the fat remain for life.

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Breast Augmentation in Rocklin,
Roseville and Greater Sacramento Area

Most common areas for Botox injections are crows feet, frown lines, and forehead. During the consultation, Dr. Ray discusses options and long term plans for your medical aesthetics treatments. It is recommended to have Botox injections every 3-4 months. Longer interval, in fact, may adversely affect the progress and worsen the lines.

This non-surgical, minimally invasive skin Botox treatment can be administered to relax targeted muscles underneath the skin that are responsible for wrinkling, effectively releasing tension and smoothing the surface of the skin. At Elite Medical Aesthetics of Rocklin, as a Medical Spa and Botox clinic, Dr. Ray injects skin Botox to remove wrinkles and lines.

How long is the Breast Augmentation Recovery?

Following the BOTOX Cosmetic procedure, mild redness and swelling will go away within 20-20 minutes. Very occasionally some minor bruising may occur which would go away within days. The majority of individuals are able to resume work and/or normal daily routines immediately, though certain strenuous activities may need to be avoided for 4-6 hours.

How long does Breast Augmentation last?

The effects of BOTOX Cosmetic generally start between the 3rdday and maximal results within 14th-day post-treatment. The results last approximately three to four months and occasional touch-up treatments can be received to help maintain an optimal outcome around 14th day. Some may see the results lasting longer than average of 3-4 months and in some, the results may wear off faster due to the metabolism rate of that individual for Botox.

How does Breast Augmentation Work?

Botox® Cosmetics is injected into the muscle tissue and stops the nerve signals that cause them to contract.

During the procedure, Dr. Ray uses a thin needle (insulin needle gauge #31) to deliver a small dose of Botox Cosmetic into the muscle. Depending on the area, may need 3-5 injections.

Does the Breast Augmentation hurt?

A very tiny needle is all that is needed for the procedure. Some patients report minor discomfort from the injection and that is for a moment. At Elite Medical Aesthetics of Rocklin, Dr. Ray evaluates the patient’s pain threshold and offers a couple of options to make the experience with no or very little discomfort.

How much does Breast Augmentation cost?

It all depends on what areas you are having Botox injections. Around Sacramento and Rocklin area, Botox is priced per unit. On average 20 units would be needed for frown line. That could run between $200- $260. For exact pricing may contact our office.

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We are providing Botox injections and medical aesthetics services to the community in Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay and Greater Sacramento area.

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