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Fat Transfer is a minimally invasive procedure by injecting your own fat in the Face, Butt or Breast.

What is Fat Transfer?

Fat Transfer ( Fat Grafting) is a process of harvesting your own fat from other areas of body such as abdomen, thigh,… process it and inject it in your desire area (Butt, Breast, Face, Hands, Calf,…)

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How Can I start the process of getting a Fat Transfer?

It begins with a consultation with Dr. Ray and getting the information you need and answer any questions you may have. Dr. Ray will discuss your options during an initial consultation visit, and will evaluate your health and goals, and determine if Fat Transfer is right for you.

Fat Transfer : Fat pad losses as age

Changes happen in face as we age:

As early as 30 years, we start losing fad pads gradually. Most changes happen as we age such as sagginess, happen because of losing fad pads although bone losses and muscles play a part too.

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How Long Will the Fat Transfer Results Last?

The survival of the fat and longevity of the results depend on the harvesting and preparation technique, physician’s skills, how and where it was injected. In addition, during the first 3 months, the fat graft would settle and become stable as your own fat. The injected fat area establishes a new blood supply from your body and receives the nourishment it needs for survival.

Once this happens, then results can and often are permanent unless losing weight. Sometimes we may need to touch up  the area with further fat transfer or filler injections to reach optimal results.

Preparation & Recovery

During a consultation, Dr. Ray would go over the pre-procedure and post care instructions. To reach the best results, your compliance with treatment is crucial. After fat transfer procedure, you will receive detailed instructions about your post care, including information about how to handle possible symptoms and complications, if any, that may arise.

Recovery varies due to sight of liposuction and injections, here are the expectations you should have:

  • Patients are expected to walk out of office after the procedure.
  • Week One: Swelling & bruising are likely.
  • Week two: The bruising resolves, but swelling can continue.
  • Week three: You will begin to look more like yourself as bruising and swelling are almost completely gone.

We recommend taking 7-10 days to fully recover, before residing regular activities. Being said that, it is not going to affect you doing daily activities at home or computer use…

What areas can be treated with Fat Transfer?


Fat Transfer to the face is one great option to add volume to the face. After age 30, as we age, normally we lose fat under skin over time. A natural method is to add volume to replace the lost fat. Using your own fat would offer a great option to achieve that.

Dr. Ray harvest the fat from abdomen or thigh . Then through special technique, the fat will be processed and get it ready for injection.

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What is the cost of Fat Grafting?

The cost of Fat Grafting depends on many factors. It would involve the cost of liposuction and fat injection. Liposuction probably would be the major portion of the cost. There are many factors involved in determining the cost and it will be explained during your initial consultation with Dr. Ray.

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Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer:

Breast Augmentation by Fat transfer is now popular. There are reasons for the popularity of Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer. It is a natural augmentation, as it uses your own fat. It will last for lifelong and always looks natural (contrary to implants).
No adverse events as such may happen after Breast Implants. So No need to worry about the implant and its potential adverse events.
We use your own fat tissue from other areas such as thigh, abdomen and back.

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breast fat transfer technique

Brazilian Butt Lift by Fat Transfer:

A pouplar method to improve the shape of your Butt, looking lifted and younger.  Fat is obtained through liposuction of abdomen, thigh or back. The fat will be processed and concentrated so better results expected.

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Facelift by Fat Transfer:

Fat transfer or fat grafting to face is one great method to regain youngish looking and lifted look with your own fat. It will be lifelong and always look natural. No pulled look may happen sometimes after a surgical facelift. Through Fat grafting and fat transfer, we naturally replace the lost fad pads. No surgery risk and long recovery period after surgical facelift.

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What can you expect during consultation?

Consultation with Dr Ray: It is important to be completely honest and clear about your goals during the consultation. Bring several photos of yourself at an earlier age; they may serve as a good point of reference for discussing your goals. Dr. Ray will do a medical evaluation at the time of consultation too. You will need to be prepared to answer the intake form questions:

  • Prior medical history
  • Medication list including herbal supplements and allergy list
  • Prior surgeries cosmetics and non-cosmetics
  • History of scar and Keloid formation
  • Current use of alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs
  • What is your chief motivation in undergoing fat grafting?
  • Your concerns and goals and what you would like to see improved.

We will take photos for your medical record, assess the area for fat transfer. We will evaluate your general health as well as your skin. Dr. Ray then would discuss your options and recommend a course of treatment, likely outcomes, including risks or potential complications.

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