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What is Lip Augmentation?

Lip filler injection would volumize your lips by injecting Lip filler. This procedure is semi-permanent and lasts 6-9 months. It is considered safe with no significant complications performed by experienced physician.

The products would be fillers containing Hyaluronic acid including Juvederm®, Vobella, Versa, Restylane,Belotero,

Downtime is essentially none. Although bruising is possible after lip injection but At Elite Medical Aesthetics, the patients hardly ever experience any bruising.

Dr Ray recommends you to schedule a consultation to determine the best lip filler for you. At Elite Medical Aesthetics, Rocklin, our treatments are result oriented. During consultation, you explain what your goals are and Dr Ray would assure you achieve your goals for any aesthetic treatment including Lip filler Injections.

Lip Augmentation filler injection in Rocklin Dr Ray

Lip Augmentation in Rocklin

volumize and improve your lips

Some of the many benefits of the Lip Augmentation procedure include:

  • improve asymmetry and add volume to your lips.
  • Minimal Pain
  • No Down Time
  • Cost: Varies

Lip Augmentation Before & After Photos

What areas can be treated with Lip Augmentation?

Dr. Ray offers Lip Augmentation for more than wrinkles and lines. There are many cosmetic use for Lip Augmentation as listed below. There are medical use for Botox too.

Areas that can be treated include but not limited to:

  • Lip Augmentation Crow’s feet
  • Lip Augmentation Glabella/frown lines (the area between the brows)
  • Lip Augmentation Neckbands(Turkey Neck)
  • Lip Augmentation Gummy smile
  • Lip Augmentation Horizontal forehead lines
  • Lip Augmentation Bunny lines (wrinkles on top of your nose)
  • Lip Augmentation Peri-oral lines (around the mouth)
  • Lip Augmentation Chin(Orange peel)
  • Lip Augmentation Browlift (Botox can be injected above the outer area of the brow to create a lifting effect)
  • Lip Augmentation Sweat reduction for armpits (underarms) and hands or hyperhidrosis

For Lip Augmentation treatment Before and After please visit our Photo and Video Gallery.

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Lip Augmentation in Rocklin,
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How is lip filler injection done?

The procedure may take 30-40 minutes. Lips are quite sensitive area so that Dr Ray always applies numbing cream over your lips and wait around 20 minutes.

At Elite Medical Aesthetics of Rocklin, Dr Ray performs the procedures and Lip filler injections.  He very carefully injects the filler into the area required. The results are amazing. His patients call him “the Expert”, “an Artist”

What are the Benefits of Lip fillers?

Lip fillers volumize your lips, improve the lips contouring. As over time, lips lose the volume then replacing the lost volume and enhancement would improve the look.

  • A more defined smile
  • Can help turn the corners of the mouth upwards
  • Give lips a more youthful looking appearance
  • Thinning lips appear more fuller

How much does lip injection cost?

Lip enhancement treatment costs vary and depend upon each patient’s individual requirements. At Elite Medical Aesthetics of Rocklin, cost of lip injection is based on filler syringes. Depends on your desire and needs, you may need one syringe (1 ml) or more.

During consultation, Dr Ray would explain the details of the procedure and estimate of the costs.

How long is the downtime and recovery period?

The results are immediately visible after the lip filler injection. Dr Ray shape the lips and massage it so that you walk out of office with beautiful lips. You may continue your daily routines. Although it is rare but occasionally bruising can happen. Patients are informed that takes one week the filler settles down.

Lip Augmentation:

We have some of our patients in the photo gallery. Dr Ray listens to you and based on what you desire then plan for lip augmentation.

Lip Augmentation can give you the perfect pout, but there’s more to a smile than just your lips. Patients after the procedure smile and say “WOW”. It is a great medical aesthetic procedure for you to achieve the BEST at Elite Medical Aesthetics.

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How can I have Lip Asymmetry treated?

This has been a relatively common question. Dr Ray after evaluation, would make recommendations on your lip asymmetry. He is an expert in lip corrections and treating lip asymmetry, from prior injections or born with.

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tes the patient’s pain threshold and offers a couple of options to make the experience with no or very little discomfort.