Improve Smile line, Saggy face, & your look,

Beautiful Results that Last. Non-Surgical Facelift, Browlift and Acne Scars improvement. Bellafill is a filler which last more than 5 years. To find out if Bellafill can be a good choice for you, Book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ray.

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What is Bellafill?

As we age, our collagen levels decrease, leading to more distinct fine lines and wrinkles. Bellafill is for the treatment of nasolabial folds(smile lines), as well as moderate to severe facial acne scars in patients over 21.

Bellafill uses an innovative blend of 2 distinct components to create results that are both immediate and long-lasting. Dr. Ray uses Bellafill for scar improvement as well as other uses for improving saggy face, hollow temples, augment cheek bones and non-invasive facelift.

How is Bellafill different than other fillers?

Bellafill differs from other facial fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane because it is long-lasting and the injectable is a non-resorbable foundation for the development of your own natural collagen. Bellafill can last up to 5 years for the smile lines and 1 year for facial acne.

Bellafill in Rocklin and sacramento

Bellafill® uses an innovative blend of 2 distinct components to create results that are both immediate and long lasting. We use Bellafill for Acne scars and Smile lines although as a filler can be used in other areas too.

Bellafill ( Non-Surgical Facelift) Before & After Photos

Caitlin W is 28 y old lady had a consultation with Dr Ray and options were discussed and she decided to go with Bellafill, long lasting filler rather than other shorter lived fillers! She had remarkable improvement in midface area with adding volume to the temples, cheeks and lower face. Essentially Dr. Ray replaces the lost volume in the face over time. sometimes even at young age, face need little volume to look more fresh and lifted look! See her Bellafill Before & After photos

We are proud to have Caitlin, driving  3 hours from Mendocino to our clinic.

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Non-surgical facelift Bellafill After side view Elite Medical Dr Ray Rocklin

Bellafill in Rocklin

Improve your look, smile lines and scars

Some of the many benefits of the Bellafill procedure:

  • Facelift, Eyebrow lift, smile line improvement, cheek enhancement
  • Minimal Pain
  • No Down Time
  • Cost: Varies

By preventing muscle contractions, the targeted facial muscle groups can relax which allows the skin over them to smoothen, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Bellafill Photos

What areas can be treated with Bellafill?

Dr. Ray offers Bellafill for more than wrinkles and lines. There are much cosmetic use for Botox as listed below. There is medical use for Bellafill too.

Areas that can be treated include but not limited to:

  • Bellafillx Crow’s feet
  • Bellafill Glabella/frown lines (the area between the brows)
  • Bellafill Neckbands(Turkey Neck)
  • Bellafill Horizontal forehead lines
  • Bellafill Bunny lines (wrinkles on top of your nose)
  • Bellafill Peri-oral lines (around the mouth)
  • Bellafill Chin(Orange peel)
  • Bellafill Browlift (Botox can be injected above the outer area of the brow to create a lifting effect)
  • Bellafill Sweat reduction for armpits (underarms) and hands or hyperhidrosis

For Bellafill treatment Before and After please visit our Photo and Video Gallery.

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Bellafill in Rocklin,
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How Bellafill Works

Once Bellafill is injected, the collagen goes to work immediately, adding natural-looking volume to soften smile lines or acne scars. Over time, your body naturally metabolizes the collagen — but that doesn’t mean your results disappear. The Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres work as a scaffolding system, supporting the development of your own collagen and laying the foundation for long-term smoothness.

What should I expect after Bellafill injection?

Bellafill gets injected directly beneath smile lines, immediately filling in and diminishing the lines and hollow area of the faces. For added comfort, the it would contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic. While Bellafill can be used on all skin types, Dr. Ray  will carry out a simple allergy skin test to rule out sensitivity a couple of weeks prior to the Bellafill injections.

The results are immediate and long lasting. The results will last up to 5 years for smile and up to 1 year for acne scars. There is no downtime associated with Bellafill injections.

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How much does Bellafill cost?

It all depends on what areas you are having Botox injections. Around Sacramento and Rocklin area, Botox is priced per unit. On average 20 units would be needed for frown line. That could run between $200- $260. For exact pricing may contact our office.

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