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Dr. Ray performs Hand Rejuvenation procedures at Elite Medical Aesthetics, Rocklin.

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What is Hand Rejuvenation?

As we age, we lose volume and fat pads in the hands. It starts around age of 30. over time the tendons become more prominent.

Dr. Ray offers different methods at Elite Medical Aesthetics to improve your hands. As we lose volume then adding volume would be a great natural method. Radiesse filler is FDA approved. Dr. Ray has been injecting Radiesse filler for many years. He is highly skilled.

Aside from fillers, hands may be exposed to sun and that even expedite further the volume loss while creating brown spots on the skin and dry skin.

We offer packages of Radiesse fillers, Fraxel Laser and Topical SkinCare Products to improve your hands.

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Hand Rejuvenation in Rocklin

Improve your Hands  look,

Some of the many benefits of the Hand Rejuvenation procedure:

  • Improve volume loss, hide the tendons, looking youthful hands
  • minimal Pain
  • No Down Time
  • Cost: Varies depends on your goals and needs

Dr. Ray performs Hand Rejuvenation, Radiesse filler injection in hands.

What areas can be treated with Bellafill?

Dr. Ray offers Hand rejuvenation at Elite Medical Aesthetics.

What is the best filler for hand rejuvenation?

Dr. Ray performs Radiesse filler injection. It takes 15-25 minutes. It is painless and no down time. Although some other fillers also may be sued such as Voluma but Dr. Ray beelives Radiesse offer 1.5 ml in each syringe which is larger than average fillers and lasts 1-2 years per manufacturer’s study and our own experience.

What other procedures are involved in Hand Rejuvenation?

Aside from Radiesse filler injections, Fraxel laser would be helpful to improve the sun damage and skin wrinkles.

Skin dryness can harm the skin badly. So good quality moisturizer is necessary along with sun blocks.

Dr. Ray offers a Hand Rejuvenation package customized for each client which would help to improve the hands condition 10-20 years.

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Hand Rejuvenation Photos:

Hand Rejuvenation 

Dr. Ray performed Radiesse in this client’s hands. It requires one syringe in each hand.

Best Hand rejuvenation in Sacraemnto

Hand Rejuvenation 

Dr. Ray performed Radiesse in this client’s hands. She is in her mid 50s.

It requires one syringe in each hand. recommend adding more syringes and maintain every 9-12 months.

Best Hand rejuvenation in Sacramento and walnut creek area

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