Cosmetic Services for Men

Liposuction, Botox, Fillers, Maintain Your Masculine Look

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Cosmetic Services for men

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Shaping your body by Reducing fat and tightening your skin, all cosmetic services without invasive surgery and the use of a scalpel.
More often men would like to have a non-invasive cosmetic services and procedure aimed primarily at improving the shape of the body and maintain masculinity. Most men prefer a private setting for their cosmetic treatment. Most prefer longer lasting results.

At Elite Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Ray, himself, performs cosmetic services and procedures for clients. Dr. Ray, during private consultation session, would go through all possible cosmetic options based your goals and needs. Dr. Ray performs Botox, Fillers, liposuction, Hair loss treatment, Elite Men’s Facials, Face Restoration treatments, Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty and much more.

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Cosmetic Services for Men:

  • Botox for men
  • Wrinkle and lines procedures for men
  • Fillers, Masculine Look for Men
  • Liposuction for Men, Six packs Liposuction
  • Hair Loss Treatment for men
  • Skin laser treatments for men
  • Facials for men
  • improve jawline for men
  • non-surgical rhinoplasty for men
  • neck contouring for men
  • frown line improvement for men

Botox & Fillers For Men

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Liposuction for men

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Facial Rejuvenation/ Lift for men

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Hair Loss


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Facial Restoration for men

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