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Smoker lines around upper lip

How to treat smoker lines around upper lip?

Quite frequently patients express their concern about vertical lines around the mouth or smoker lines and want to know how they can get rid of those lines.

What are smoker lines above the lips?

When people use straw, smoke cigarette or try to whistle, their muscles around the mouth become active and become visible. Overtime gradually the muscles create lines in skin above the upper lips which appear as vertical lines.

The vertical lines or some call those as smoker lines are quite common. These vertical lines may appear even in their 30s. The irony is that although they are called as smoker lines but most even never smoked in their life.

Are the vertical lines predominantly dynamic or static?

One most important question would be if the vertical lines are static or not. My approach, to the patients complaining of the smoker lines or vertical lines around mouth particularly above the upper lip, is to perform a good evaluation.  During consultation, I would attempt to recognize the activity of their muscles around the mouth and find out how dynamic their lines are.

Static vertical lines (smoker lines) mean they do not disappear when the muscles are resting. On the other hands, dynamic vertical lines appear only when you use those muscles for using straw or smoking. Then those lines become active the vertical lines would become visible.

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Vertical lines or Smoker Lines on Upper Lip and around mouth?

Depending on the level of activity of the muscles, the muscle movements and how severely affected the skin, I would make my recommendations.

There are different modalities available in our medical aesthetics center:

Botox would be very beneficial if there are excessive muscle activity. 3-4 units of botox will be injected above the upper lips. I would use some numbing cream or use tools to make it tolerable for the patient. Botox would help to relieve the muscles and prevent further deterioration of the lines.

Fillers; Fillers can help to aleviate the deep smoker lines and make the upper lips smoother.

Fraxel laser: Fraxel laser helps to improve collagen content and improve the vertical lines above the lips and around the mouth.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections, help to improve smoker lines above the lips.

Microneedling: Microneedling can help to improve the collagen and the vertical lines too.

Fat Grafting: Fat Grafting would be another modality which could potentially help to improve the vertical lines in some selected patients.

All options can be considered for treatment of vertical lines around mouth. Ultimately when a client is evaluated during consultation, I would determine what would be the best approach to tackle the client’s concerns and I would make my specific recommendations to treat smoker lines or vertical lines around mouth.

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