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How long does it take to recover from liposuction?

Time to recover after liposuction varies depending on several factors.

If a patient goes through liposuction on several areas then time to recover from liposuction may be longer than a patient goes through one small area such as neck liposuction.

The physical and health status of individual would play a major role to determining time to recover from liposuction too.

Is it still done under General Anesthesia?

In the past most patients were going under general anesthesia which had major impact on recovery and prevent patient to get back to his/ her routines. Nowadays most physicians would perform liposuction under local anesthesia which is preferred and make time to recover from liposuction much faster.

Awake Liposuction

At Elite Medical Aesthetics, Dr Ray perform liposuction under local anesthesia. The patient is awake throughout the course of liposuction.

Dr Ray injects numbing fluid under skin in the targeted area. Patient normally doesn’t feel any pain at all. In case there is any discomfort then some medications would be given to relieve the pain.

What is Tumescent Fluid?

The infiltration of the diluted lidocaine ( Tumescent Fluid) under skin is the first step then using the superior technique would ultimately shorten time to recover from liposuction. The superior technique, which creates less injury, would allow body to heal faster and reduce time to recover from liposuction.

What is Modified Tumescent Fluid Infiltration Protocol ?

According to our protocol at Elite Medical Aesthetics, the patients  go through Modified Tumescent Fluid Infiltration Protocol (MTFIP) which is designed by Dr Ray.

The next step would be to melt the fat. The Dr Ray Emulsify the fat (melt) by using ultrasound technique (called Vaser),

How power assisted liposuction can shorten time to recover from liposuction?

The following step would be to suction out the fat. Dr Ray performs suctioning the fat by power assisted device, Power X which work as similar devices as AirSculpt, Microaire and etc.

Combining the power assisted liposuction and Vaser technology after doing Modified Tumescent Fluid local anesthesia, provide the best results, yet shorten time to recover from liposuction.

Our patients normally take a shower the next morning and can walk around. they still may have some fluid coming out of incisions therefore gauze are placed under the garment. The leakage would stop around 2 days. on average within 3 days they can go back to office work and 5 days to more physically active jobs.

To learn more about our protocol at Elite MEdical Aesthetics, and the best liposuction technique for you, schedule a complimentary consultation. And meet Dr Ray. He will explain it all to you. 

Dr Ray
June 25 2019
Elite Medical Aesthetics, Rocklin